Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2015-16 । वार्षिक सर्वसाधारण सभा २०१५-१६

Namaskar Mandali,

With your tremendous support and active participation, we are coming to the end of a very successful year.

Here are the details of the AGM for this year:

24 April 2016



3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Ottawa Citizen Hall
1101 Baxter Road, Ottawa

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  1. Review of the Annual Financial Statement
  2. Recap of the events in the last year
  3. Upcoming events
  4. Org structure changes (need volunteers)

We also have some proposed changes which we would be introducing during the meeting.

We appreciate the kind words and encouragement we received from all of you throughout the year. As flattering as it was, we know there is always room for improvement. We are counting on your critical feedback and we look forward to see you all on 24th April. Your support is highly appreciated.

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