Zoom lectures by Dr. Jagannath Dixit (Dixit Diet)

In collaboration with Toronto and Montreal, 'Ottawa Marathi Mandal' is proudly sponsoring a series of lectures by Dr. Jagannath Dixit exclusively delivered for Canadian audiences.
Details of the lectures are as below (and are also attached with this email)

Dates of Lectures:

1. 24th May Sunday @ 11am - Language of Lecture: English 
2. 27th May Wednesday @ 9pm - Language of Lecture: English - Lecture content is a repeat of 24th May lecture
3. 31st May Sunday @ 11am -  Language of Lecture: Marathi
4. 3rd June Wednesday @ 9pm - Language of Lecture: Marathi - Lecture content is a repeat of 31st May lecture

Duration of Lectures: approx. 1.5 Hours

Lecture Contents:
1. A quick overview of the Dixit Diet method
2. Question and Answers session - All the confirmed Ottawa registrants can send a list of their questions to Mr. Sunil Shahane after the registration confirmation. Later these questions will be compiled and shared with Dr. Dixit who will answer these questions during his lectures

No. Of Participants: Each lecture can host a maximum of 8 Ottawa residents/households (out of maximum 25 allowed across all three cities: Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal)

Registration Fee: $5 which will be donated to Dr. Dixit's Obesity and Diabetes Reversal Trust + $5 as an administrative charge for Ottawa Marathi Mandal (Thus $10 in total per household)

How to Register: Registration is strictly on a first come first serve basis. Please email to Mr. Sunil Shahane at:  sunilinottawa@gmail.com with your preferred date for attending the lecture. Sunil will then further guide you about the registration process and payment of fees etc

What will you need to attend the lecture(s):
1. Lectures will be given on Zoom (https://zoom.us/)
2. You will need to download and install zoom on your personal devices like Smartphone or personal computers
3. Once you will register and pay, Sunil will share the link for the zoom meeting 1-2 days prior to the lecture
4. Simply click the link and join the lecture 

What you need to avoid:
The registration link shared with you is strictly a personalized link for you to attend the lecture. Please do not share that link with anyone else as the lecture moderators will be monitoring the per link connections and it may look bad if you have shared the link with anyone else and the moderators see multiple IPs connecting with the same link.

Millions can vouch on the efficiency of the 'Dixit Diet'.
We encourage you all to connect with Dr. Dixit through these lectures and seal the opportunity to ask him your personalized questions and seek guidance to live a healthy life!!

Please contact Mr. Sunil Shahane (sunilinottawa@gmail.com) as soon as possible to reserve your seat.